Why You Should Use A Luxury Chauffeur Service, NOT A Taxi Or Rideshare

Users August 11, 2020

Luxury chauffeur services — like many high-end products and services — are often misjudged as overly exclusive and ill-fitted for regular use. This is especially apparent in passenger transportation, where cabs and ridesharing apps pitch themselves as an alternative to seemingly inaccessible or special-occasion-only livery cars.

Recently, we’ve also seen a muddling of the language used in transportation services. With rideshare apps claiming to provide black car services, for example, there’s now an abundance of conflicting information about and experiences of black car services. Consequently, it can be challenging for riders to identify the best and safest options for travel, especially abroad.

Yet people who have access to reliable chauffeur services tend to make more frequent trips away from their lodgings, meaning they’re more empowered to attend optional events and network more effectively than those without . That’s why We Drive Global, an industry-leading luxury chauffeur service, aims to resolve any misconceptions riders have about the differences between a chauffeur service and a driver with a nice car.

You Get More Than Just A Ride With A Luxury Chauffeur Service

Regardless of the terminology used, a black car service or chauffeur service is a subsection (though a noticeably elevated one) of the broader non-regular passenger transportation industry. The services rendered by an executive car hire service are commonly characterized by car quality — featuring meticulously maintained, late-model luxury vehicles — yet they also set themselves apart through the behavior of their staff. Consequently, when you hire a luxury chauffeur service rather than hail a taxi cab or rely on a rideshare app, you’re guaranteed to have a better ride and receive better treatment than you would anywhere else.

Here at We Drive Global, our fleet includes the best executive vehicles available, outfitted with leading-edge technology (including on-board wifi). Additionally, all of our chauffeur service drivers are painstakingly trained, fully licensed transportation and customer service professionals. As a result, drivers do much more than just drive (though they do that exceptionally well); they are also dedicated to riders’ comfort, are highly knowledgeable of the area, and are bound by a higher code of ethics when it comes to treating passengers fairly.

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Protections Gained Through A Luxury Chauffeur Service

Compared to the black car services promoted through rideshare apps,
luxury chauffeur services promise more to riders — both in terms of consistency
and protection — than other seemingly similar modes of transportation.

Specifically, an executive car hire service promises to have a car waiting for you when you need it, will not cancel rides when you’re waiting, and will not leave if you’re two minutes late .What’s more, most luxury chauffeur services do not subject riders to “surge” pricing or predatory by-the-mile pricing schemes.That’s because executive car hire drivers are never pushed to rush a ride just to start the next, so getting riders to their destination via the best route, with the safest driving, and in the most comfort is their top priority.

Moreover, most rideshare apps do not ensure passengers or their belongings’ safety during the course of their contract. Consequently, individual riders shoulder the burden of costs caused by an accident or delay during travel, and proprietary or mission-critical materials that go missing — whether due to accident or theft — are left at risk.

Ride Safer With A Chauffeur Service Thanks To Higher Safety Standards

We cannot stress enough that there are fundamental and inimitable differences between the experience of using a chauffeur service compared with other commonly available and popular alternatives. This is especially evident in the safety standards enforced within different parts of the passenger transportation industry. Most notably, there is no specific regulation or licensing for rideshare drivers in many locations, while many rideshares and some taxi companies fail to conduct sufficient background checks and other security screening for drivers to ensure riders’ wellbeing.

This — combined with executive car hire service providers’ refusal to follow an increasingly popular more-rides-per-driver-per-day business model — ensures that chauffeur service drivers are significantly less likely to pose a danger to riders or put them at risk for the sake of saving time. Contact a professional transportation coordinator at We Drive Global, today, to find out more about booking our luxury chauffeur services for your next trip.

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