How To Be Sure You’re Hiring The Best Luxury Car Service?

Users August 10, 2020

Tips to Find Luxury Ground Transportation

Finding the best luxury ground transportation provider for your comfortable commute is truly all about doing the right research.

A Genuine Luxury Car Service Is Hard To Find

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, hiring a luxury car service is all about comfort, reliability and convenience. With over 600 million foreign tourists arriving in Europe every year, there has been an increase in demand for an on-ground transportation provider. 44% of these travellers are either flying to visit their clients or a company office. However, there has been a proportional increase in executive chauffeur car services in the industry too but determining a genuine luxury car service requires some amount of research.

As a result of this influx in business travellers, we have seen most reputed organizations invest in hiring a chauffeur luxury car service as well as have travel managers to manage their itinerary. With a plethora of options, choosing a genuine, high-quality luxury ground transportation with all relevant licenses and experienced chauffeurs can be challenging. Hence, it’s imperative for the travel managers to know what they are looking for and have a checklist to help them build a safe, successful itinerary. Before you get started with planning an executive trip, continue reading to find out everything you need to know to hire a quality luxury transportation provider.

What Is A Chauffeur Service & How Is It Different From Other Types Of Self-Proclaimed Luxury Ground Transportation?

Quite simply put, a chauffeur service is offered by a highly experienced driver of an elegant passenger vehicle like a luxury sedan. An Executive chauffeured car service is a regulated business that must meet relevant guidelines like valid insurance coverage and operating licenses. A professional chauffeur is usually hired to transport their clients from one location to another safely and hassle-free. They are well versed with travel logistics, customer service and have exceptional navigation skills, to ensure your clients have a smooth ride during their travel. Whereas, a driver has similar transportation tasks but differs in service, training, professionalism and the mode of commute. Let’s take a closer look at how the services offered by a driver on rideshare differs from an executive chauffeur car service.

1. Efficient services

Essentially both are about effective on ground transportation, but chauffeur service is all about efficiency in service. A chauffeur is well trained to offer you comfort and stress-free travel. From having your doors open to navigating through the city effortlessly, chauffeur’s offer premium services that are tailor-made to their clientele.

2. Well trained professionals

Chauffers’ are well-trained professionals in driving defensively, light vehicle maintenance and customer service. As expert navigators, they will get you to your destination on time.

3. Professionalism

Chauffers’ maintain a clean driving record with good communications skills. They are at all times dressed stylish in tailored suits.

4. Executive vehicles

The best of premium chauffeur car services company has a fleet of luxury vehicles of all sizes to meet their client needs. From Mercedes Benz to Cadillac Escalade, all of these premium class vehicles offer great opportunities to work, entertain or relax.

What Is A Chauffeur License?

A chauffeur license simply is governed by the Public Carriage Office (PCO), which in turn is controlled by Transport for London (TfL). While there are several requirements including age above 21, hold a full DVLA driving license with no criminal records and medically fit. There are also topographical skills assessments that are to be taken.

As a luxury car service operator, you must also obtain a business license as well as a private hire vehicle license to operate in the region. A detailed application pack is submitted including a PHV/101 application form, PHV/103 personal declaration form and operating centre information form. All of these forms together with evidence of planning permission for every proposed operating centre.

To work as a chauffeur or to operate a luxury car service, you must go through stringent procedures and documentation. They maintain high-quality service for their clientele and offer you a luxury transportation experience.

Cost-Talk: How Much Are Chauffeur Services Worth?

It goes almost without saying that the price of chauffeur services vary between locales, as prices reflect the conditions of the local economy, locally-appropriate wages, and local fuel prices. Nevertheless, business travellers looking to secure luxury ground transportation in any location should expect to pay for their excellent services. The average cost for chauffeur services ranges anywhere between £30 to £60 per hour.

As you start working with a professional chauffeur car service for your business, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of value in being organized with costs and claims too. As you know the cost up-front, without having to deal with surge pricing or additional costs, it helps you put an accurate estimate, unlike other rideshare services. What you see is what you get, it includes taxes, fees and tolls if any.

If you are looking for a budget travel option, and stumble upon prices that are too good to be true, you must know that it probably is. For instance, if you opt for a regular mode of transportation like a taxi with a fee estimate of £100 or less, by the end of the trip, you’ll notice how the final price gushes up to nearly £200. Take a closer look at the receipt and it will tell you that additional cost is due to mandatory fuel, administration, toll cost, tips and taxes.

How To Identify A Genuine Luxury Car Service Provider?

Given the above-listed differences between a genuine luxury car service provided by a chauffeur and inauthentic, misleading, or outright fraudulent so-called luxury ground transportation promised by non-chauffeur firms, it is understandable that there may be confusion on identifying genuine luxury car service provider. Here are the top five things to consider before hiring a chauffeur luxury car service for your travel:

  • Always check for valid chauffeur driving license and business operating license. Some chauffeur vehicles also have restrictions at the airport premises, hence it’s important to find if the transportation provider is complaint with airport regulations.
  • Ask for proof of valid insurance coverage. A reliable and trustworthy chauffeur company will never hesitate in providing their clients with all the necessary proof.
  • Look for valid customer reviews and testimonials to ensure they provide industry-leading service. In case of any travel plan changes, ask the on-ground transportation provider for cancellation time and charges that may be incurred.
  • All luxury car service provider who caters to business travellers must provide a detailed reporting on the transportation expenses for accounting purposes.
  • Find out if your preferred service provider can give you additional features like wi-fi, refreshments, vehicle types and C-suite needs.

As you work with a professional luxury car hire, they tend to take care of all your transportation needs without any hassle. Reserve your ride, sit back and relax through your ride.

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