How To Prepare For Your Airport Transfer

Users November 23, 2022

Are you planning a trip and need to get from the airport to your accommodation or even the final destination of your travels? Do you know how to prepare for your airport transfer? We have written this article to offer some top tips to help make your journey go smoothly; having offered airport transfers in London for several years, our professional chauffeurs are on hand to give you all the advice and guidance we can to make it a smooth process.

Firstly, you need to check out where your accommodation is compared to the airport; how far is it that you must travel? If it is a fair distance, you will be better off choosing an airport transfer service over a taxi. But if you decide to go down this route, we recommend booking your airport transfer as soon as possible; by doing so, you are ensuring you have everything organised and ready, taking all the stress out of travelling.

To find out more information about how you can prepare for an airport transfer, keep reading our latest article; alternatively, why not give us a call? Our team are more than happy to help you in any way we can get the best out of your travelling and arrivals into London, along with other UK airports.

Plan In Advance!

When it comes to travelling, a lot of people are focused heavily on the flights that they forget about getting to and from the airport; not everyone remembers to book an airport transfer, but here at We Drive Global, we would suggest you book it as soon as you have organised your flights, do not leave it till last minute. Doing so risks your chosen company being fully booked, potentially leaving you stuck.

One of the best tips we can give you for preparing for your airport transfer is to be organised enough to book it in advance; if you do, it means all you have to worry about is when you land or need to be at the airport to catch your flight is getting through security, having a pre-booked airport transfer will make the journey smooth!

Make Sure You Know Your Flight Details

One of the following best tips we can offer you for helping book an airport transfer is to know exact;y when and where your flight is taking off or arriving, now this may seem like a prominent piece of information to know, but airports can be a huge place, you need to make sure you know which terminal you are arriving or departing out of. You need to know this information to pass it on to the airport transfer company, meaning they will not know where to collect or drop you off.

Another reason to do this is that if you give your airport transfer company the details of your flight, they will be able to monitor and track the flights in case you are delayed at any point when you are flying back into the country.

Find The Right Car For Your Needs

The best thing you can do when booking an airport transfer is make sure the vehicle you book is a suitable size; for example, if you are a couple going away on a short break, you do not need an entire minibus, but if you are a family going on holiday for a couple of weeks, you will need something more significant to fit you all in and your luggage. You can discuss the size of your group with the airport transfer company you choose to use; they will be able to offer you a range of vehicles that will be the right size for you.

Another reason to speak to your airport transfer provider about the size vehicle you need is to make sure you get the best price for the service you need, smaller cars may be cheaper than big minibus solutions, but if you speak to a local chauffeur driven car service like ours, companies like We Drive Global will always give you personalised quotes for your airport transfer needs.

Organise A Time With Your Driver

When catching a flight, you always want to make sure you arrive in plenty of time to make it through airport security, grab a drink or even do a little bit of shopping; this is why you must always make sure you organise a time to be dropped off at the airport by your chauffeur. This also works on the return journey; by giving the driver details of your flight times, they can keep an eye on the arrivals boards to ensure they are where they need to be at the right time.

At the main London airports, we would always recommend arriving a minimum of two hours before your flight time; this is the absolute least amount of time we would recommend, by working to this time frame, you should always catch your flight without any issues, but we do recommend checking any advice from your specific airline.

Book Your Airport Transfer With We Drive Global Today!

Keeping a few things in mind when preparing for your airport transfer is essential. First and foremost, make sure to contact We Drive Global today and let us know what time you’ll be arriving at the airport. We can then schedule your driver to meet you there. Second, pack everything you need in one bag, so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything.

This includes your passport, boarding pass, and any other essentials. And finally, relax and enjoy the ride! Our drivers will take care of getting you where you need to go safely and on time. Travelling around London and other airports in the UK does not have to be stressful; work with our chauffeurs today to relieve some of the stress and worry.

Contact us today to book your airport transfer – we can’t wait to welcome you aboard.

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