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Users August 11, 2020

In today’s economy, business travel is a favorite tool of corporate growth hackers. It’s how many firms are targeting international markets and forming international partnerships, with global business travel accounting for 60% of projected business travel growth.This trend has made international business travel a critical part of individual- and companies-wide success. Finding the best car service for business travel is an essential part of managing your own or your employees’ business travel plans.

The Increasing Risks Of Business Travel

Managing (and minimizing) the stress experienced by business travelers during business trips is mission-critical. As many as one-third of business travelers report diminished productivity or work quality while traveling, while another 20% consider business travel a primary cause of burnout.

It’s no surprise, then, that occupational stress due to business travel has been empirically linked to an elevated risk of developing anxiety, depression, and insomnia, as well as a number of other serious health conditions. Business travelers also often report that their spouses and families feel greater stress due to the disconnection that comes with distance. The consequences of these effects — burnout, physical and emotional health complications, and familial problems related to high-stress business travel — dramatically impact both individuals and their employers, leading to an average 34% reduction in the annual earnings generated by any given over-stressed employee.

What The Best Car Service For Business Travel Can Do For Your Next Business Trip

While the majority of business travelers report enjoying their trips abroad, their stress levels are directly related to the level of control and convenience associated with any travel-related services they rely on. The best car service for business travel, then, is one that is highly convenient, incredibly reliable, and easily customized to meet the needs of any individual business traveler. When you work with We Drive Global’s executive chauffeur service, you can expect:

1. High-Quality Chauffeur Service That Makes Business Travelers Feel Recognized & Valued

Personalized welcome messages, warm greetings, and complimentary comfort items go a long way towards making business travelers feel at home, even when they’re abroad.

2. Guaranteed Pickup For BusinessTravelers

Flexible scheduling, easy cancellation, and generous free waiting windows (15-45 minutes) mean that business travelers can stop feeling stressed about ground transportation to and from the airport — no matter the hour. This also applies to travel to and from lodgings, roadshows and trade events, social and sporting events, and other contexts wherein hailing a taxi or
securing a rideshare booking prove exceptionally difficult.

3.Liability Coverage For Business Travelers & Their Property

Even the best ridesharing app doesn’t promise to recognize the risks faced by business travelers taking company property (and knowledge of company operations) abroad. Unlike many other services, the best car service for business travelers should (and does) extend sufficient protection against personal and property injury, damage, delay, or loss.

4.Fast, Secure Connectivity On The Go

Being able to hit the ground running is a key component of business travelers’ stress management. Specifically, about 30% of business travelers feel stressed when they’re out of contact on a business trip, 25% of business travelers report struggling to make up for lost time during travel, and most long for more opportunities to connect with their families at home during travel.That’s why We Drive Global provides fast, free on-board wifi in every fleet vehicle.

5.Guaranteed Confidentiality, Meaningful Contributions, & Final-Mile Control Over Chauffeur Services

The most significant difference between a chauffeur service and any other taxi or ridesharing option is simple: chauffeur service drivers are well-equipped (and intentionally trained) to provide the best car service for business travelers. Guaranteed to never disclose anything passengers discuss en-route, chauffeur service drivers provide the most information security to business travelers. What’s more, business travelers looking for route suggestions and other information about the local area can rely on chauffeur service drivers to provide professional, accurate information, while also always being willing to follow passengers’
preferred routes and other instructions.

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