4 Mistakes Commonly Made By Tourists Visiting London

Users May 04, 2022

London is the ideal location if you are searching for a city to travel to that has culture, history, art, and tourist destinations galore! It is one of the most popular cities in Europe to visit, and a lot of tourists make the same mistakes every time they visit; our team here at We Drive Global are on hand to provide you with a few of the most commonly made mistakes by tourists or people visiting the city. Having offered London chauffeurs for several years, we promise we have seen it all.

London sees a considerable amount of tourists every year, and most of them are new to the city; this is where we see most of the mistakes being made, and it can cost people by missing out on experiences, cost them in taxi fares and also missing out on seeing London. One of the best ways to avoid any problems when visiting the city is to use a London based chauffeur, our drivers have a wide range of knowledge around the city, and we can help explain or give guidance in any way we can.

Read on to find out the top mistakes we regularly see being made by tourists and our top tips for avoiding them! If you would like more information about the chauffeur services we can offer you in London city to help avoid these mistakes, give us a call today. We are always happy to help.

Do You Know To Always Pre-book Where Possible?

One of the biggest mistakes we see from tourists visiting the city is that they do not pre-book to visit some of its most prominent tourist destinations. London is one of the busiest cities in Europe; with thousands of people flooding the city every day, you can imagine how busy it gets. Nearly all of the people who visit London city the same day you do will be trying to get into the same tourist destination and hotspots you are, making it essential you Pre-book any of the locations you want to visit.

You will often find that the attraction or destination you are looking to travel to will have discounted rates for those who pre-book; it is always good to save money, especially when visiting a city centre. This goes the same when you are looking to leave the city to travel home, booking transport in advance to get you to the airport or train station is the best process to follow. Our chauffeurs are on hand every day of the year to help get you to your destination on time; whether it is an attraction or the airport, all you need to do is call us and pre-book your car.

Have You Research The Oyster Card System?

When it comes to travelling around the city centre and zones in the surrounding areas, having an Oyster card is the best option you can go for. Still, some tourists struggle to grasp the different zones and rules regarding the areas. One of the biggest mistakes we see regularly is people being caught out with fines for travelling without a valid Oyster card. We would recommend skipping using the public transport available in the city and using our London based chauffeur service; this will remove the risk of any fines and problems when travelling. Depending on where you are travelling, it will be much easier, especially when travelling with children.

There are so many places to visit in London that are spread out across a range of Boroughs; this makes travelling around using the tube, buses and overground complicated for tourists who have not been to London before, using a chauffeur takes away all the stress and worry associated with getting lost, forgetting to get a ticket, and not getting the right card for your journey. Choose a London based chauffeur to provide you with personalised transport when you visit London.

Don’t Miss Out On Popular Destinations!

One of the big mistakes we see happening in the city is tourists and visitors missing out on a wide range of places you should be visiting; this is primarily down to not knowing the area. Many people forget to search for the free places to visit in the city, but when you use a London chauffeur company, your driver will be able to give you tips and hints on the best places to visit that will be free or cheap.

Our drivers here at We Drive Global will be able to offer you different places and attractions you can visit and take you there in the comfort of your private car. Another option you can choose is to use one of the city “hop on- Hop off buses’ these will allow you to see places as you travel and allow you to alter your day accordingly. But, we have to say, using the bus is not as comfy as using our private car hire and London chauffeur services!

Did You Know Outside Central London Is Just As Popular?

Our drivers here at We Drive Global to agree that one of the biggest mistakes tourists make when they visit London is staying right in the city centre. Yes, many of the main tourist destinations are in the centre, but we would strongly advise you to travel to other locations outside of the central London Borough; you will find quirky coffee shops, restaurants, museums, and parks waiting for you to enjoy.

Using a London chauffeur company will allow you to get out of the city and explore what it is like to be a true Londoner. Many tourists can experience some fantastic attractions missed on as our drivers can take your further afield. Using this service will allow you to choose more destinations you want to visit that might be a bit far out for public transport options.

Choose We Drive Global As Your London Chauffeur

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally for a reason. With so much to see and do, it can be easy to make mistakes as a first time visitor. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of four common mistakes tourists make when visiting London. Avoid these blunders, and you’ll be able to have a more enjoyable trip.

If you’re planning on visiting London shortly, don’t forget to get in touch with We Drive Global today. Our team of experienced drivers will take care of everything from airport transfers to sightseeing tours, ensuring that your visit is hassle-free from beginning to end. Our team will be more than happy to help you; let us provide you with comfortable, safe and enjoyable transport around London; call us today!

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